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Corporate :
Human Resources

Human Resources

For your job applications, you can apply through the Job Openings found on Secretcv or through at ik@madamecoco.com

Necessary evaluations will be done by our Human Resources department, which will get back to you regarding the opening to which you applied.

*At Madame Coco;
Should all conditions be equal, putting forward “Positive Discrimination” for female candidates is among our rules for recruitment. With the wish for the increase of similar applications that show the value and importance of female employment...
The Madame Coco Family

The Stars of HR and the Best Video Job Posting

After the Secretcv HR Summit held on April 17, 2019, by Secretcv.com with the participation of uniquely valuable attendees and the theme of "Digitalizing HR - Where is the Emotion?", the Stars of HR Award Ceremony found its owners. On that important night, Madame Coco was given the "Star of HR 2018" and also in the special awards category, "Best Video Job Posting" was awarded as a company that brings a new perspective to the sector, has become an employer brand, and consolidates its success with the values it provides to candidates.