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Franchising & Wholesale

FRANCHISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS The franchise granting company Madame Coco brand will be referred to as “franchisor” and the franchise applicant will be referred to as “franchisee”.
Contact E-Mail: franchising@madamecoco.com

Franchise Area Franchise Area Franchise is granted for a specific country as a whole, not only for one city or region. Some European countries, Russia, USA and some other countries can be exceptions for this rule.

Size of Location For the purpose of productivity and profitability through high variety of collection and proper display of the collection in certain level square meter areas: The store projected to be opened must have 8 meters width of facade. Net usage area should be between 400 - 1000 sqm. Warehouse should be 10% of the net usage area.

Payment Terms Payment Terms Payment shall be in advance and bank guarantee letter shall be required.

Royalty Fee Royalty fee is determined by Franchisor in accordance with the conditions and potantial of the related market.

Trading Experience Franchisee applicants’ past experience in retail industry shall speed up the adaptation process and it is a matter of preference as it may increase the quality of the job performed.

Staff It is significantly important that the franchisee has well trained staff for the retail organization. In case they do not, they should be able to create such team in a short period of time.

Decoration Our stores have a specific decoration model applied for high level product presentation. Our company can/will act as an intermediary during the application stage of our store decoration at your area, if necessary. The company providing our decoration support will be introduced to the franchisee and the process in the aftermath is worked on and completed betweeen the franchisee and the decorating company. All decoration costs and related franchisor staff travel costs while performing the decoration construction are paid for by the franchisee.

Logistics The exporting of the goods shall be on FOB(incoterm 2010) basis. Export and customs cost of the products up to the customs in Turkey shall be paid by the franchisor, whereas the transportation of the products from Turkish customs to destination, insurance if required, and import costs before the destination, domestic transportation shall be paid by the franchisee. We provide support regarding the shipping agencies. In case the goods are shipped from countries other than Turkey, the same applies to the country or countries that the goods are shipped from, instead of Turkey.

Management Information System The franchisor uses V3 Nebim sales software, ERP program. In our stores, IBM POS is used and it is integrated with Nebim V3 software. Programs are used online through our central server. Franchisee shall use the same program, system and all the integration unless our technical team decides on an alternative system. All related software and hardware costs are to be paid for by the Franchisee. Deha Mağazacılık Ev Tekstili Ürünleri San. Ve Tic.A.Ş. Tel: +90 212 267 27 51-52 Fax: +90 212 267 27 80 E-mail: franchising@madamecoco.com Avni Dilligil Sokak Çelik İş Merkezi B Blok Zemin Kat 34394 Mecidiyeköy / İSTANBUL

Product All product allocation management of the franchisee is performed by the Franhisor and all products are supplied continously and accordingly by the Franchisor.

Documents related to the Franchisee Applicant

  • - • Entity or corporation making a franchise application must deliver below documents to the franchisor at below address, together with the (Business proposal) field research report
  • - Company establishment documents
  • - Balance Sheets
  • - Signature Declarations (if any)

Deha Mağazacılık Ev Tekstili Ürünleri San. Ve Tic.A.Ş. Tel: +90 212 267 27 51-52 Fax: +90 212 267 27 80 E-mail: franchising@madamecoco.com Avni Dilligil Sokak Çelik İş Merkezi B Blok Zemin Kat 34394 Mecidiyeköy / İSTANBUL

In case the above conditions are met and we decide to go forward, the franchise agreement shall be concluded after the completion of below requirements as per the Time Table of the Signing Agreement procedures.


  1. SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILE: Sending of complete information about your past work experience and financial background to franchising@madamecoco.com
  2. 1. UNDERSTANDING FRANCHISE BUSINESS PLAN: After evaluating your profile, we will send you our Franchise Business Proposal format. Our franchise department staff will be available through mail and phone for answering all the queries raised by you.
  3. 1. EVALUTION OF THE APPLICATION: Once the applications are received from all the interested parties, we will begin the qualification process, which includes both a credit and background check.
  4. 1. EVALUATION OF THE SITE: After a careful evaluation of your application, if it is among the selected, our franchise department will visit your location for site evaluation. We will check to see if your location (either owned or rental) meets required standards of the Franchisor. All related travel costs shall be paid by the franchisee candidate.
  5. FEASIBILITY STUDY: During the site evaluation visit, our franchise team will study the market such in terms of; competitors, their pricing policy, collections, structures and tax regulations. We will gather all data to determine the retail sales prices and break even point will be determined for a profitable and sustainable business. We will make a calculation accordingly to see if there is a possibility to sell in the specified area/country with competitive prices and In accordance with the Madame Coco requirements/philosophy
  6. MOU SIGNING: Once the location and the feasibility calculations are finalized, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed by both Madame Coco and the franchisee applicant.
  7. AGREEMENT NEGOTIATIONS AND SIGNING: The Franchise Agreement shall be signed with mutual consent.
  8. STORE SET UP AND PLANNING: After signing of the agreement, the layout plan of the stores shall be prepared by our interior designers and architects. Staff selection, training in Turkey, organization plan, marketing and promotional planning and recruitment will be discussed and implemented. The Grand Opening date of the store is decided with proper marketing and after determination of operational flow charts.
  9. MANAGEMENT TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Management training program covers all aspects of Store operations and more. All the training travel expenses of our staff and franchisee staff will be paid for by the Franchisee.
  10. OPENING: Products shall be prepared and dispatched by our allocation team. We will send our visual merchandising team for the opening day to display the products, train and prepare the store. All travel expenses will be paid for by the Franchisee.


  • Minimum order amount will not be less than $30,000 per order
  • Purchasing or selling can be done for only allowed regions
  • Products can be chosen from our stores directly. You can e-mail a stock code list to wholesale@madamecoco.com by checking on our website,
  • Product shipping terms is Exworks our warehouse,
  • Customs and cargo related expenses are to be paid by the purchasing company
  • Returns are not accepted, except for defective products
  • In case of purchasing less than $30,000 worth of products, order can be chosen in our stores.


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